Hello everyone,

Transitions: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

During our life’s journey we go through many transitions.  From the moment we’re born the transitions in our lives begin. The transition from adolescence  to adulthood is the first and bittersweet. The awkward stage between being a child and becoming a young woman, trying to understand the physical changes our bodies are undertaking.

The other day I read a quote,”Change and moving on is what happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go.” 

Letting go is easier said than done… I was recently faced with letting go and moving on.  After 20 years the man with who I have shared my life and wanted to grow old with have separated.  The separation has been difficult, it feels like a death and in some ways it is a death. It’s the death of what I thought my future would be.05cfeac6800f4f3e85c0ddc8aab11cb7

My life once again is going through transition. In all honesty I still the grieve the future that will never be and the storm of him comes like a tsunami wave. However not all is lost, I smile more than I used to, and find myself going down a path in life less conventional and I would never believed I would find myself.

I will soon start a blog called Transitions, I will blog posts of this new transition in my life and where  it leads me….

God Bless and Live, Laugh, and Love




Honolulu Button Scarflette

IMG_20151012_102249Hello everyone, working on a crocheting project for a client I needed to purchase more yarn. I came across this yarn PHOENIX AZALEA  by Lion Brand Yarns , The pattern for this scarf can be found on the pattern calls for 220 yards I used 128 yards making my scarf shorter in length, I also used two buttons instead of three, this pattern is very easy to follow. Happy crocheting friends, until the next time God bless and Love, Live, and Laugh.   CorinaIMG_20151012_101507

Memory Keepsake (Apron)

Hello everyone, it’s been a busy week I started on a project I had mentioned before. I will be making two memory quilts with my son A.J. and my daughter Angela clothes. However, because of the amount of clothes I have to work with I decided to also make memory keepsakes as well, and cut quilt squares after I’m done with each keepsake. I made this apron for my daughter Juanita, I made it using two pairs of shorts from her sister and a pair of jeans from her brother. When she uses her apron if it’s only on holidays or special occasions she will have her brother and sister with her..

And so friends I will post my next memory keepsake project soon.

I used the Farm Girl Apron tutorial from the previous post showing the apron I made for a friend and the website

Until the next time my friends, God Bless, and Love, Live, and Laugh


Farm Girl Apron

Hello everyone, it’s taking me sometime to get my blog going, at times I feel I’m being pulled in different directions, taking on to much and nothing is getting done. Well enough about my chaos, lets talk aprons.  A very good friend of mine loves her aprons and so when she recently moved, everything was in boxes and so she didn’t have her aprons. Early the next morning  after moving day I went over to help her start the tedious chore of unpacking. We first sat and chatted over coffee, she looked over at me and said “I feel so lost in my kitchen”, and I said to her ” Well of course you do everything is still in boxes”. and she replied with this sad look on her face like a child who’s just dropped their ice cream cone, “No! that’s not why, my aprons I should’ve kept one with me”. I couldn’t help from laughing. And so she is the reason I’m talking aprons, went home and made her KIMG0295an apron. After searching for ideas, I finally found this one that I liked. I went to and followed her directions for her Farm Girl Apron, which I must say were very easy. I used two different pairs of jeans instead of the one as she does in her tutorial and left over fabric, I also used No Sew instead of sewing by machine. And so there you have it one apron done for a very dear friend. She loved her apron, but only to tell me she wouldn’t use because it was just to pretty and so it know hangs in her kitchen for only for display.

That’s all for now, God bless and Live, Laugh, and Love